In Scotland, 1947, the first Edinburgh International Festival was created in an effort to uplift a war-torn community and bring the arts back to their previous splendor. After years of living under so much darkness and devastation, word of the festival spread quickly and several theatre companies showed up uninvited to the event. The companies were denied a spot in the Edinburgh International Festival, but they were not deterred. Instead of performing at the central venues with the other official festival artists, they performed their works on the outskirts in unordinary spaces. Thus, the spirit of Fringe was born, and continues to accentuate the value of unconventional artists to this day. The first North American Fringe was put on in Edmonton, Alberta in 1982, and now, over 250 Fringe Festivals are hosted world-wide.

Marquette Fringe emerged just before a very difficult time for event planning. The inaugural Marquette Fringe Festival is planned for fall of 2022. Our hope is that by then, the event we envision will be possible. We do not know the extent to which this global crisis will affect Marquette Fringe. What we do know is that we are committed to the purpose we set out with, regardless of the circumstances. Just as the original Fringe Festival creators did in Edinburgh, we will find a way.